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Women Entrepreneurs

committed to build successful business along with balanced lives.


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About #SheUnite

SheUnite is a member's only community and world's first digital platform for Women Entrepreneurs. It's a global community of like-minded females, freelancers, co-workers, entrepreneurs and business owners who love to support, encourage and inspire.

A community that supports & empowers women from all backgrounds and walks of life to grow. A community for dynamic & innovative entrepreneurs who are passionate for networking and meeting like-minded females. Are you ready to grow your business globally?

A perfect go-to platform for women entrepreneurs and women from corporate where you can connect to Engage, Experience & Evolve along with other females to create a successful business and balance life.

A business networking community for women where connections are nurtured and where business contacts are exchanges not cards. A Community where fellow entrepreneurs share strategies and support each other in #ScalingUp

“Great things are done by a team of people that care, share, and build together.”
The Soul Behind it All

What You Gain

Connect women globally

Sharing and learning

Events, seminars, workshops

Talk Show & New Venture Launch

Reaching to all women

Guidance and exposure

Monthly events


The why is the foundation of everything we do. We start with our why. Our core team spent a great deal of time discovering the #SheUnite why as it is our guidepost to the decisions we make and the actions we take.
Our reason is about connecting successful business women of India under one roof and helping them to engage themselves, evolve among the community so they all can collevitly grow together, explore among themselves and share knowledge about each other’s business and lastly expand themselves both professionally & personally as a women . It’s the root of what #SheUnite is all about. Within all that we do, our higher purpose is growth. Growth as women, as a community, and as a whole society.
Sounds like a sky-high goal, honestly yes we are up to the challenge. Our core does everything as an organization, our why keeps us in check and grounded.

Meetups & Activities

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  • Women from throughout the world can join SHEUNITE.
  • Women who think big and want to also contribute back to society by uplifting peers.
  • Women who want to build authentic connections
  • For the Beginners, we offer a 30 days trial period to experience SHEUNITE Community. After the trial period, you will have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to continue enjoying the benefits of SHEUNITE Community.
  • SHEUNITE has an annual pricing plan - for Womens who want to join us!
  • We currently do not offer monthly plans.
  • Annual membership plans are active from the date you apply online You can cancel your membership at any time. No refunds will be available.
  • Memberships are renewed on an annual basis. We give you a 15 days grace period where you are still permitted to access the community. If you membership has lapsed beyond the grace period, please write to
  • A new membership badge will be issued to you within 4 weeks at an additional charge.
  • Membership commences from the month the payment has been made.
  • Memberships are non-transferable.
  • We curate networking experiences that range from a mocktail masterclass to fitness workshops. These unfold in the form of interactive webinars across various digital platforms as well as physical events.
  • Membership is extended towards men and women between the ages 21 – 44.

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